Bandipur Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna In Bandipur

bandipur squirrel
The park has been empowered with unblemished greenery.By upholding some numerous kinds of flora and fauna,it is elating the touists profoundly. Moyar River is watering the area along with two minor sub streams. Stunted trees jammed with bushes and meadows decorated eastern frontsof the park. In the route of northwestern border, now there is rough course change of vegetation from open dry deciduous forests to tropical mixed deciduous forests.Precoius hardwoods including rosewood and teak could also be seen many in number.Thus these features value it to be an adorable environmental reserve.
Wearing Light cotton attire is advisable during summers whereas light woolen clothing would make you feel comfy for the teensy weensy winters. During rainy season, it is precautionary to carry along the raincoats, as the rain accompanied by a light breeze succumbs umbrellas


The Mammals species range of Bandipur national park is quite astonishing.It encompasses wide spectrum of mammals like Bonner Macaque Nilgiri Langur (adjoining areas) Dhole, Smooth-coated Otter Common Palm Civet,Stripe-necked Mongoose, Jungle Cat Tiger, Indian Palm Squirrel,Grizzled Indian Squirrel, Liontail Macaque,Eurasian Otter, Small Indian Civet Ruddy, Mongoose Leopard,Indian Muntjac and Indian Pangolin

One can also unearth rare animals such as gaur (a type of bull), sambhar, chital, four-horned antelope, wild boar, jackal, sloth bear,dholes and the black-naped hare.Nocturnal wildlife akin flying squirrels, fruit bats, Slender Loris, Red Giant Flying squirrel Indian Giant Squirrel,porcupine, night jar and brown fish owls are also found to be a habitat of this dense forest.

monkey in bandipur
rare bord spotted in bandipur

It spans over 230 species of birds and primary birds like heron,stork,falcon,sandpiper,wood piper,drongo grey junglefowl,pampodour green pigeon,honey bazzard,red headed vulture,egret kitecan be noticed.One can also get a glimpse of grey headed fish eagle,brown hawk owl,peafowl,lapwing,bay owl,malabar trogon,nilgiri flycatcher,pied hornbill,little spiderhunter,plain flowerpecker and warbler.

Avian Population:
By the almighty boon, the Bandipur region is also rich in avian population.Peafowl and the game birds like the grey jungle fowl, red spur fowl are found to be trivial ones. Also the woodland birds akin the hawk eagle, serpent eagle, the collared scops owl, the yellow-legged green pigeon, parakeets, woodpeckers and barbets, hornbills, drongos, scarlet minivets, and diverse warblers can be found by tourists effortlessly.The backwaters of Kabini and the larger tanks in the park seduce cormorants, ducks, herons, teals, and waders.
birds in bandipur
Tourists must beaware of Monkeys!! If you leave your car windshield wide open,some brave monkeys will jump upon in hunt for food packets. It is generally advisable not to feed the animals

bandipur snakes

The common reptile species king cobra, rat ,water snake,marsh crocodile,common cobra,russell’s viper,monitor lizard,chameleon,tree frog ,common krait,toad,tortoise,indian phyton and flying snake are encountered. is Powered by Cybergeek solutionTM